Nestled among three mountain ranges the town of Pinedale, Wyoming is a travel destination for mountaineers, rock-climbers, backpackers, hikers, day trippers, and history lovers.


Among the beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring peaks, lies a history of adventurers from the 1800's. 


These exciting stories and histories have been well preserved…what about your adventures?

Here you will find a comparison of historic accounts of mountain men with that of modern explorers, entrepreneurs, and community members!  The scenic Wind River Mountains and Green River Valley of western Wyoming have attracted people for hundreds of years.  Throughout time, individuals from all walks of life have connected with this unique region.  


Who were the mountain men?  These were the rugged and hardy trappers of the Rocky Mountains in the early 1800s, known for their wild adventures.  Their exploration and knowledge of the land helped pave the way for later westward expansion and settlement by pioneers.

We invite you to share your own stories and photos!  How have you experienced the wilderness or made use of the land in the Wind River Mountains and Green River Valley of Wyoming?

Share your exploits and adventures just as the mountain men did before you!  Help us document an important part of regional history in-the-making!  Your contributions are a great reference to those who continue to be inspired by western Wyoming.

Take a look at local stories previously hidden away in the archival records of the Museum of the Mountain Man.  Explore the history of Wyoming’s Sublette County and the Rocky Mountain fur trade with these unique documents.