A Child's Interpretation of the Fur Trade - "Hugh Glass"

13th, february, 1822

Today I am going off to go to the river of Missouri with some friends of mine. William Ashley placed an advertisement to go to Missouri river.

20th, april, 1822

It has been a while but some of my partners are William Sublette, Jim Bridger and tom fitzpatrick.

28th, june, 1822

Today we caught a big juicy beaver to eat for dinner. I got the pelt.

10th, november, 1822

The party last night was a bomb. We danced around the campfire and sung songs. I even tried a few cups of mint tea. They were very tasty.

28th, february, 1823

So far it has been hard but fun.

5th, may, 1823

I just trapped a wolf. I was starving. I also got the pelt of the wolf

29th, january, 1823

You won't believe what happened to me after my last entry. I got attacked by a mother grizzly.

2 february, 1823

That grizzly wounded me badly. I was slashed across the head and suffered a broken leg. I survived by eating wild berries and tubers and crawling hundreds and hundreds of miles. I had to hide If I saw Indians.

5th, march, 1823

Today I am doing a lot better. After crawling hundreds of miles some Indians found me. They nourished me back to health. They have become my friends now.

5th,july, 1824

Today I am leaving now. I said my goodbyes and I thanked them. Now I’ve decided I’m going to get my revenge on Jim Bridger and Tom Fitzpatrick for leaving me in the wilderness to die


I am really old and I feel I am going to die soon. I want to say that I forgave Jim and tom for leaving me when I was dying. When I met Jim, I said hi and he nearly ran away. I saw him and I knew I could not do it. I could not kill my good friend, Jim Bridger. He was too young to kill. We talked for a long time. I told him how I survived. I said how I wanted to get revenge. I asked him where tom was. He said he was In the navy. I can’t get revenge on him now.

I am sad to say I am really old and going to die soon so I’m passing this on to my son, Hawk. I hope you learn from this, my son Hawk.


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