A Child's Interpretation of the Fur Trade - "Mountain Man Tools"

Mountain men used a lot of tools to survive. Some mountain men traded some of these tools at rendezvous for money. All of them had traps. They usually would catch small animals but their main food was beaver.

To survive, they carried a bag with tools and important things . This bag was called “ possible bag.” In that bag there was a thing called a ‘tender box’. In it was char, steel, hemp nest, juniper nest, and flint. They use this to make fires to stay warm in cold weather. They also used the fire to cook food that was caught.

They also made bullets. To make them. you had to have some things like lead bars, a ball mold, a priming horn, powder horn, a forged screw driver, and a powder measure.

They had a lot of knives.They might trade the pipe tomahawk,squaw axe,butcher knives,forged,and a large and small bowie knives for money. They would kill animals and sell the hides at rendezvous. Some would buy the furs for clothing.

That is why in Pinedale Wyoming we have rendezvous and they sell fur, tools, and toys. It comes 1 time a year. There is always a parade. Here are some things to get you started on this topic. I hope you enjoyed this expository essay.


Parkin, Patsy. Wyoming: Crossroads of a Continent. Spirit Quest Press, 2005.

Schaubs, Michael. “Ammunition.” Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky Mountain West. Web. 15 February 2017.

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