A Child's Interpretation of the Fur Trade - "Mountain Men and the Rendezvous"

They all gathered in the first Rendezvous in 1825 near the southern end of the Green River. The Rendezvous fur trade started many trails to get to the Green River trading areas. They had to work very hard to make these trails work. They had many trails to get their gathering places .The gathering places are Prairie Hole, Bridger Valley, and Bear Creek. The mountain man rendezvous was one of the biggest gatherings in the nation at that time.

The Green, Snake, and Yellowstone Rivers were many of the river systems they trapped. A hundred young people walked into the rocky mountains and became legends of the west. They moved about the Rocky Mountains fairly quickly. That started the true mountain men tradition.There were many different trap lines and trails. The Rocky Mountain fur trades was based in the gathering of the beaver pelts

These gatherings moved around to different locations and different locations too. People from all over the country came to the Rocky Mountains to trap beavers. They have to head down stream as a winter set in. They had a trail or a couple trails to each meeting post. The trappers worked hard to set their traps on the head waters of a lot of different rivers.

The people who trap go on long hard expeditions and adventures. Mountain men were married. People go out for days and their wives do not know if they will come back.They left their families because they needed to trap beavers and get money to trade so they can get the stuff they needed. They had to work hard to provide for the family they have.The men go out and trap to trade to get money to buy their salt, flour, sugar, and a lot of other stuff too.

There was 6 different types of shelter. The different types of shelter were Wedge Tent, a Wall Tent, Marquee, a Pyramid Tent, a lean-tos, and a Tipi.They ate a lot of big animals like deer, elk, moose, antelope, mountain sheep, bear, and beaver.They also ate cow, pig, chicken, fish, biscuits, flapjacks, fry bread, corn bread, hard tack, peas, rice, and beans.

Their transportation was very important. There were seven different types of transportation. There were horses, donkeys, canoes, keelboats, bull boats, steamboats, and dogs.

They had many places for the Rendezvous gathering. One of the meeting spots was Fort Bridger.There are many more they spots they meet. The founder of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade is William Henry Ashley. It begins in early summer and ends in mid-summer. The participants are the fur traps attened and the indians also attended.The Locations are McKinnon, Henry's fork River, Cache Valley, Bear River, Bear lake, Laketown, Lander, Riverton, Pierre’s Hole, Daniel, and Gander.


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