County History - Skinner Brothers Wilderness School: Video

Skinner Brothers Wilderness Camps operated from 1956 until 2005, providing outdoor education skills to youth eight to 16 years of age. The camps were founded by Monte, Bob, Courtney, Quentin and Ole Skinner, five of six sons of legendary mountain guide, Clem Skinner. For 50 summers, the camps taught wilderness outdoor survival skills. The rafting adventure on the Green River was part of a broader program that included wilderness survival, horsepack trips and mountaineering. Three-week summer sessions were offered June through August. Campers were taught safety skills while enduring extremely hard, natural conditions. It was originally started as a wilderness camp for boys. Co-ed sessions were added in the early 1970's. Thousands of kids went through the programs.

Here is a promotional video of the wilderness school.

This wooden raft the "Queen of the Green" nestled outside the Museum of the Mountain Man is one of the many rafts built that floated down the Green River. Each summer for fifty years, campers built a few new rafts using logs from the nearby forest. The rafts were put in at the Green River's big bend and floated downstream to the forest boundary. The fifty mile river trip, through gentle and whitewater, took two to three days to complete. In the fall, the rafts were stashed on the river bank. Those that were still structurally sound the following year were reused.

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