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"They were now advancing diagonally upon the chain of Wind River Mountains...could they force their way through them, they might proceed in a straight line. The mountains were lofty, with snowy peaks and cragged sides; it was hoped, however, that some practicable defile might be found."

-Washington Irving's The Adventures of Captain Bonneville

July 18, 2017

American Mountain Man member Richard Ashburn tells the history of the mountaineers who came out west to trap, explore, and survive. These men were the original backpackers. Learn what gear they would have on them, how they would prepare for extreme cold, and the traditional mountain men methods of traveling t...

May 11, 2017

 We had the opportunity to interview Conor Raney local to Pinedale, Wyoming back in December 2016.

Conor has been guiding in the Wind Rivers and Pinedale area for 5 years. If you are interested in taking a guided backpacking trip email Conor at

May 11, 2017

Wesley Gooch is the author of Rock Climbing Jackson Hole & Pinedale, Wyoming and is the creator and driving force behind the guidebook’s sister website,

By choice, Wesley has enjoyed his entire life within the Greater Yellowstone region, and it is likely that this circumstance will never c...

june 18 1818

It has been 6 months since my mother, father, and brother died. Me and my sister have been living in my aunt’s house since that happened. Before they died, my father owned a tavern and he surveyed land. I never learned to read or write because there were no schools, so I am having someone write fo...

Mountain men used a lot of tools to survive. Some mountain men traded some of these tools at rendezvous for money. All of them had traps. They usually would catch small animals but their main food was beaver.

To survive, they carried a bag  with tools and important things .  This bag was called “ possible bag....

“My name is Sage. I was born on March 8, 1828.” Now Sage wants to be a mountain man, even though she is a woman. So this mountain man thing might be a little hard for her. She lives in West Virginia, with her mom Charlotte, her dad Jack, and her little brother George.

It is March 8, 1849. As a birthday gift fo...

They all gathered in the first Rendezvous in 1825 near the southern end of the Green River.  The Rendezvous fur trade started many trails to get to the Green River trading areas. They had to work very hard to make these trails work. They had many trails to get their gathering places .The gathering places are...

13th, february, 1822

 Today I am going off to go to the river of Missouri with some friends of mine.  William Ashley placed an advertisement to go to Missouri river.

20th, april, 1822

  It has been a while but some of my partners are William Sublette, Jim Bridger and tom fitzpatrick.


Did you ever wonder what mountain men did for fun?  Well let me tell you about what they did at the rendezvous.

How did the rendezvous start?  It all started because William H. Ashley brought 120 men to two camps to trade supplies and pelts.  Andrew Henry led the first group of Ashley-Henry trappers to the mou...

Did you ever wonder what the white women from the fur trade era did? Well, if you were, I will tell you right now what they wore, what they did, and what they ate, and cooked.

First I will tell you what they wore. They wore big bonnets to keep the sun out of their eyes and for fashion styles. They also wore no...

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Travel Through the Land - An Interview with Guide Conor Raney

May 11, 2017

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